If you want to create your own WordPress website, words like “Theme” “Template” and “Plugin” are going to come up a LOT. And your’e probably wondering, “What the heck is a theme?! How am I supposed keep up with all of this?”

I’m here to tell you more about WordPress themes, and share with you my #1 favorite theme for those just starting out.

What is a WordPress theme?

Themes are the basis of your websites design. They serve, at their core, these basic functions:

  • Provide options on customizing the look of your site. This includes font options, color settings and more.
  • Provide certain functionality options, such as drag-and-drop page builders and built in landing page templates
  • Enhance the user interface for the designer to easily navigate the back end of their WordPress website.

Where do I get WordPress themes?

There are TONS of themes on the market, from sites like Envato Market, iThemes, Mojo and more. They offer free and paid themes for you to choose from.

But my absolute favorite is Elegant Themes, and here’s why.

Enter Divi: The Most Popular WordPress Theme

stats from BuiltWith.com

Divi powers every website I design professionally. (Including the one you’re reading from right now.)

I started out with homemade themes that I just couldn’t do what I wanted them to do. A few years ago, I discovered Elegant Themes, and I’m glad I did. While I mainly use Divi, you actually get ALL of their themes for a yearly subscription. (Unlike other sites that can charge $70 plus for one theme.)

Why I LOVE Divi

Oh wow. Where to I start? I love just about everything about Divi, but here are just a few of the reasons I think it’s great for beginners like guys and gals.

  • Integrated Help System – Divi comes built in with help videos you can watch
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use front end builder – This means you can build your website and see what you’re doing, all in a simple, drag-and-drop fashion.
  • Pre-made layouts – Divi comes pre-loaded with over 100 pre-made layouts you can load up, and simply plug and play your own content. Plus, they add new layouts weekly!

It’s because of these things that I think you’ll love divi too.


Disclaimer: These opinions are my own after 2+ years of designing websites exclusively with Divi. If you purchase a subscription through this link, I will receive an affiliate commission. 

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