When it comes to looking good online, I know a thing or two. But if you’re building a business or maybe running the same one you’ve had for years, there’s much more to having a strong online presence then just looking good.

It’s also about building trust with those who visit your website. “But how am I supposed to do that?” you’re thinking. That’s why I’ve put together this article with 5 Tips to Boost your Credibility Online.


    1. Tell your own story. As an entrepreneur, people will almost always buy from you because they like and relate to you as a personrather than as a corporate identity. I know this from experience. I started my business as Bold Impressions Web Design. Of course, I still use the name. But when I focused more on branding myself as Joshua Mancil rather than the fancy business name, more people started connecting with me. Not a corporation, but me.
    2. Build your portfolio. If you’ve already begun working with clients, a great way to show people that you can do the work you say you can do, is to show them that you’ve already done itFor example, if you’re a photographer, you might have an online gallery of the photos you’ve taken.  Or if you’re a life coach, you could have a page on your website that features pictures and names of clients you’ve worked with and an overview of the issues you coached them through.
    3. Showcase Client Testimonials: Much like your portfolio, testimonials help show people who are interested in doing business with you that you’ve already done the work, and you’ve done it well for others. Did you do an exceptional job for one of your clients? Ask them to share their thoughts with you in writing. Many people buy based on what other have to say. 
    4. Include your website in your marketing materials. Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly building credibility online, but more about getting people to connect with you online in the first place. Having a website printed on your business cards and connected to your social media profiles shows people that you’re a serious professional, and it gives them a place to connect with you online.
    5. Always be authentic. In the jungle that is the Internet today, it seems like everybody is in this race to see who can hype themselves up and look the coolest online. While I do believe looking good online is important, it’s even more important to be authentic. Now, what does this mean? This means talking about your business, without neglecting your own personality. 

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